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IRCTC Quarterly Results and Conference Call Highlights

IRCTC Quarterly Results and Conference Call Highlights

Published on 16 August 2021 .Views 50 .Comments 0
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Financial Highlights


Revenue for  operations jumped to Rs 243.37 Crore against Rs 131.33 Crore same increased by 85.31%   from last year and decreased from Rs 338.79 Crore by 28.16%


EBIDTA increased to Rs 111.51 Crore from Rs 145.08  Crore  by 354.24% YoY and -23.14% QoQ  from Rs 145.08 Crore .QoQ driven by  turnaround packaged drinking  water segment. 

Profit After Tax

Profit After Tax increased by 435.45% YoY and decreased by 20.49% QoQ

Con call highlights :

  • Stock split has been announced 1:5 which is subject to approval
  • IRCTC expects to come out stronger than before
  • QoQ turnaround driven by  packaged drinking  water segment. 
  • Cash & Balances Rs 1614 Crore
  • Number of trains : in march 2021 was  272 increased to 316 in July 2021.Put together provided hospitality services in 572 trains. IRCTC operates only tourist trains June 2521 July 2700 August 2750. Train are being run another special train.(pre-covid level was  3600 trains ) which has 30% premium segment like Rajdhani Shatabdi  and duronto etc.400 short of pre-covid level .
  • Revenue : Revenue from catering segment Rs 5677.95 Cr( 23%)  out of which 44 Crore train license fee ( major chunk) and concession fee.
  • Revenue : Transaction revenue  sharing 60% IRCTC and 40% goes to railways , Earnings from wallet 1.61 Crore .Currently have 6 lakhs users in E wallet future prospective seems to be good however growth will be little low as there are other payment options .
  • Revenue break :   Internet Ticketing revenue Rs 14,997.14 Crore it is spilt into convenience-Rs 104Crore(69%) and non-convenience fee  (31%) Rs 45 Crore which includes service charge of b2c and earnings is also from advertisement  and promotions co-branded and e wallet AMC charges and integration charges .
  • Advertisement  revenue 8.5 Crore break up:  From Banners – Rs 2.4 crore and other adv – Rs 4.5 Crore  and rest from other resources like promotional email(1.1 Crore) and SMS promotions(44 lakhs ) Vs last year which was around less than 10 crore.
  • Number of tickets : In Q1FY22 Total tickets :6.37 crores and no of passengers : 8.1 Crore (81% online and rest offline )
  • I-Pay product which is payment gateway had  61 lakhs transactions  and Rs 635 Rs comes from this  transaction  during 1st quarter of this year
  • Rail neer : Current production is of 35%  of the capacity.14 plants operational one additional plant opened in Pune .On an average 4.20 lakhs bottles(one litre) is current consumption per day. For April and May profit margins are impacted in peak season due to restrictions  as water intake increases in summer season.    
  • Ticketing volume : In July and August was between average was 3.1 Crore per month  vs 2.1 Crore per month. So its 11 lakhs per day is the average
  • Non service charge revenue : Expecting good government contracts
  • E catering business where food can be ordered online app or website .IRCTC planning to partner with b2c partner with handholding Average booking 1700 meals a day   still less than pre covid level however picking ,At this point vendors are providing this services more than 1000.B2C partners are make my trip ,yatra, confirm tickets with revenue sharing  model will revise their policies 
  • E catering margin has gone up by 12-18%
  • Zomato and swiggy charges are high hence coming with another brand for food delivery services or else it will be costly to customers IRCTC will launch new brand in association to B2C Partners  . Logistics is important in E-catering of railway .
  • Strategic partners NIFM signed non biding MoU with them .IRCTC also participated in bid with tree clusters  
  • Unbundling train commission is not being paid as food was not cooked in railways due to covid restrictions.
  • Until IRCTC don’t get LOA  hence is uncertain about forming SPV(Subsidiary)
  • Share of second class( 39%) , sleeper class(39%) 3rd AC (14% )  AC chair class (2%) and UPI share is around 26%
  • Licence fee going up helped to earn  good revenue from contractors .
  • 6.3 crore is number of tickets booked 8.1 crore is number of passengers travelled hence  1.3 passenger per ticket .
  • DFCL (dedicated freight corridor) is showing improvement
  • Tourism package Domestic , Inbound and outbound tourism .All products in tourism is available ."My first Bharat Darshan’’ has come back .Last year’s train  number was 25 in this.
CAPEX plan : Last year’s 1000 Cr pending  work will be completed.

Please find attached for detailed analysis.
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