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International business zoomed due to successful integration of Jampp and healthy overall performance both in topline and bottom line | Affle (India) Q3 FY22 Conference Call Highlights

International business zoomed due to successful integration of Jampp and healthy overall performance both in topline and bottom line | Affle (India) Q3 FY22 Conference Call Highlights

Published on 09 February 2022 .Views 23 .Comments 0
  • Revenue from Operations of Rs. 339.4 crore, an increase of 125.5% Y-o-Y and 23.6% QoQ for Q3 FY2022. While its EBITDA stands at Rs. 67.7 crores, an increase of 76.4% Yo-Y and 29.9% QoQ, PAT is at Rs. 62.1 crores, an increase of 102.6% Y-o-Y and 30.4% QoQ.
  • The growth was broad-based coming from both CPCU business and non-CPCU business, across India and international markets.
  • For 9M FY2022, the consolidated revenue stands at Rs. 766.6 crores, an increase of 104.3% y-o-y. EBITDA was at Rs. 154.8 crores, an increase of 62.4% y-o-y. PAT increased by 90.6% y-o-y to Rs. 145.4 crores and PAT margin stood at 18.0%.
  • The CPCU business continued the growth momentum delivering 5.8 crores of converted users in Q3 FY2022, an increase of 91.2% y-o-y and taking the total converted users delivered in 9M FY2022 to 13.9 crores. The top industry verticals for the company continued to be high growth, helping it register a strong performance in this quarter.
  • Revenue contribution from international market is 64.4% and India is 35.6% in the 9M period. International business contributed higher. because of the successful integration of Jampp and local on ground presence in new markets. 
  • Continue to witness a strong market opportunity and draw significant moat from the Affle2.0 strategic foundation laid out last year, anchored on the 2V - Vernacular & Verticalization strategy and our ecosystem level mobile OEM & Operator partnerships.
  • Unveiled Affle2.0 Consumer Tech Platform Stack, with the product proposition and tech IP aligned to leverage upon the tremendous digital shift ongoing globally. The accelerated consumer adoption of connected devices offers a significant opportunity for further scale and management remains optimistic of the industry macro-trends. Continue to augment the global market leadership and invest to achieve the collective vision of reaching 10bn connected devices in this decade ahead.
  • Global Digital Ad Market to grow by 9% with Emerging markets like India expected to grow at 25-30% together with other emerging markets like SEA & LATAM (South east asia and Latin America) also exceeding global trends- (emarketer)
  • The digital revolution is happening everywhere with existing industry verticals getting disrupted and many new categories and advertisers emerging regularly (Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech etc.)
  • Only half the world is online with US/UK at ~80% smartphone penetration and Emerging Markets trailing with India 32%, Brazil 51% & Indonesia 59%- (GSMA).
  • Rapid growth of online commerce globally forecast to contribute 22% of all commerce by 2024 with equally rapid digital disruptions happening in retail commerce


Disclaimer: The information here is provided for reference purposes only and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell stocks or MF.

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