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Industry leading PAT Margins continues for Tata ELXSI | Q2 FY22 Conference Call Highlights

Industry leading PAT Margins continues for Tata ELXSI | Q2 FY22 Conference Call Highlights

Published on 26 October 2021 .Views 105 .Comments 0
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  • ROW (Rest of the world) consists of Japan, Korea, China which saw muted growth in this quarter because the region is transportation domain heavy and due to travel restrictions.
  • Salary hikes in Q2 were around 14 to 15 crores. Wage hikes have been done and no new wage hikes in the coming quarters.
  • Hiring target of 1,200- 1,500 per quarter over the next two quarters.
  • The medium-term target of the offshore- onshore mix is 65%- 70%.
  • Utilization: 80%, excluding freshers.
  • IPR led revenues are below 50% on a standalone basis.
  • The products and Platforms segment has maximum revenue from the media business.
  • The automotive segment was at a peak during the 2017-18 year. Long way to go to reach the levels of that time.
  • Continue to invest in new verticals like EduTech, Manufacturing, Industrial food, etc.
  • The company sees good potential for growth in the next 2 to 3 years in the transportation, healthcare verticals.
  • 5 years forward, the company sees rail and off-road to contribute 20% of the transportation vertical.
  • Expect the Industrial design segment to have consistent revenues in the coming 3 to 4 quarters.

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