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ICICI Securities Q1 FY22 Conference Call Highlights | Invest Yadnya

ICICI Securities Q1 FY22 Conference Call Highlights

Published on 23 July 2021 .Views 39 .Comments 1
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Q1 FY22 Financial Highlights: ICICI Securities Stock Analysis

  • The ICICI Securities analysis reported a strong consolidated revenue of Rs.748 Cr this quarter as against Rs.546 Cr in Q1 FY21. This 37% jump in revenue is due to strong growth across all businesses

  • Equities & allied revenue – Rs.509 Cr, up 30% YoY

  • Distribution income – Rs.131 Cr, up 51% YoY

  • Private wealth management revenue – Rs.182 Cr, up 135% YoY

  • Issuer Services & advisory revenue – Rs.47 Cr, up 113% YoY

  • PAT rose by 61% to Rs.311 Cr in Q1 FY22 from Rs.193 Cr in Q1 FY21 on account of growth in revenue and improvement in margins.

  • Cost to income ratio has reduced to 44% in Q1 FY22 from 53% in Q1 FY21.

  • Return on Equity stood at 63% compared to 59% in the corresponding quarter of last financial year.

Business Highlights: ICICI Securities Share price

  • 3.9 lakh new clients were added during Q1 FY22, which is the highest ever addition in the quarter. Out of these, nearly 2.7 lakh were added through digital sourcing.

  • From the last 2 years, overall active clients and NSE active clients are gradually increasing.

  • Total client assets are up by 84%. At June end, it stood at Rs.4.4 lakh Cr as against Rs.2.3 lakh Cr in Q1 FY21.

  • Customer addition through digital players like iMobile Pay, Phone Pe, Google Pay, Flipkart and Amazon have started contributing significantly.

  • 7,500 new clients were added in the private wealth management business, up 102% YoY.

  • Cross sell ratio has improved and clients with 2 or more products has increased from 0.87 mn to 1.05 mn in two years

  • ICICI Securities fundamental analysis executed 10 investment banking deals in Q1 FY22 against 3 in Q1 FY21. As per SEBI filing, company has strong IPO pipeline of 22 deals amounting to over Rs.43,700 Cr

  • New initiatives were taken during the quarter.

  • In addition to USA, Idirect Global expanded to UK, Japan, HK, Germany and Singapore during the quarter

  • HDFC Life and Max Bhupa Health insurance were added in its product portfolio

  • Launched ‘Masters of Street’, portfolios advised by India’s leading investment advisors

Strategy - digitalization

  • To regain its market share in equity business, company is taking digital initiatives

  • ICICI securities research analyst offers “ICICIdirect Prime” which is a subscription based product and “ICICIdirect Money” for mutual funds, insurance and other products.

  • It has launched “ICICIdirect NEO” and “ICICIdirect Markets” to provide best in class experience for investors and traders. NEO plan is gaining traction with over 1 lakh customers added in just few months

  • They are also working on two new platforms for advanced derivative traders

  • “ICICIdirect Breeze” API to be launched soon for retail traders. It will have best in class features for historical data.

  • Its API and Quant-based ecosystem is underway. It will provide 3rd party platforms, direct connectivity platforms

Conclusion: ICICI Securities Login

  • ICICI Securities annual report has reported strong financial and operational performance during Q1 FY22

  • It has lot of opportunities due to a new structural trend of digital natives entering market and behavioural shifts among mature investors

  • Increasing digitisation, increasing financialisation and equitisation of savings and emerging macro trends are expected to benefit the business

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