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ICICI Bank Q3 FY2019-20 Results Analysis

ICICI Bank Q3 FY2019-20 Results Analysis

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ICICI Bank Q3 FY2019-20 Results Analysis

About ICIC Bank: ICICI Bank Analysis
ICICI Bank is a leading private sector bank in India.  It offers Net banking services & Personal banking services like Accounts & Deposits, Cards, Loans, Insurance & many more.

ICICI Bank Quarterly Results Update - ICICI Bank Result Analysis

In this article, we will analyse the ICICI Bank quarterly results update. Private sector lender ICICI Bank posted a 158% YoY rise in Q3 FY20 Net profits driven by lower provisions and recoveries from Non-Performing Assets (NPAs).

ICICI Bank Q3 FY2019-20 Results Update

Q3 FY2019-20 Results Analysis

ICICI Bank Q3 FY20 Results Highlights

ICICI Bank Q3 FY20 Results Highlights: Know All About ICICI Bank Financial Results

  • Net Interest Income (NII) of bank is increased by 24% YoY and 6% QoQ driven by :
    • Growth in advances of 12.6% and deposit growth of 18.1%
    • Consistently improving Net Interest Margin of 3.77% for Q3 FY20
  • Operating profit is increased by almost 23% YoY and 9.8% QoQ on account of :
    • Increase in Balance sheet size by 10% YoY
    • Rise in efficiency of bank YoY (Slightly Improved cost to income ratio YoY)
    • Operating Income growth 22% YoY
  • Net profit rise of almost 158% YoY in Q3 FY20 is mainly due to

Q3 FY20 Balance sheet Summary: Financial Performance Of ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank financial statements depict the bank’s financial performance, offering figures of the deposit & advances mix.

ICICI Bank Q3 FY20 Balance sheet Summary

ICICI Bank Q3 FY20 Balance sheet Summary: Financial Analysis Of ICICI Bank

  • Balance sheet size of ICICI Bank has crossed Rs.10 Lakh Cr milestone in Q3 FY20. Balance sheet size has reached to Rs.10.07 Lakh Cr in Q3 FY20, which is increased moderately 4.4% YoY and 1% QoQ.
  • Total Advances and Total Deposit growth were also steady with a year-on-year growth of 12.6% and 18% respectively.
  • Since Deposits growth is greater than advances growth, the bank is having enough room for further advances growth without raising funds externally. Thus, the cost of funds has been reducing sequentially in Dec-19 QoQ as well as YoY.

Make An Informed Investment Decision With ICICI Bank Stock Analysis

Key Ratios: Fundamental Analysis Of ICICI bank

The following data offers a detailed insight into the ICICI bank performance, providing the figures of various ratios & other fundamentals.

ICICI Bank Q3 FY20 – Key Ratios
Improved Asset Quality
  • Bank's asset quality has improved sequentially with Gross non-performing assets (Gross NPAs) fell to 5.95% in Q3 FY20 from 7.75% last year in Q3 FY19 and 6.37% last quarter Q2 FY20. Gross NPAs are as a percentage of gross advances.
  • While Net NPAs declined to 1.49% in Q3 FY20 from 2.58% in Q3 FY19 and 1.60% in Q2 FY20.
  • The improvement in the asset quality is mainly on account of :
    • One time gain from Essar Steel Resolution
    • Better recoveries and upgrades in Q3 FY20
  • With the consistent improvement in ICICI Bank YoY and QoQ’s asset quality, Bank’s profitability is expected to boost in coming quarters
CASA Ratio
  • CASA Ratio reduced to 39.5% from 40.7% last year and improved slightly from 39.2% last quarter.
  • The fall in CASA ratio is on account of following factors:
  • Total deposits have grown by 18% YoY, and 4.5% QoQ, the contribution of CASA deposits in the total deposits was with comparatively lower growth rate, at 12.4%.
  • The share of Time deposits is higher, 53% and it has increased at an excellent growth rate of 24% YoY, higher than even the growth rate of total deposits (18%)
  • It indicates total deposits are increased mainly on account of Term deposits
Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)
  • ICICI Bank’s total Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) as per Basel III guidelines was at 16.5% as on December 31, 2019 from 17.15% as on September 30, 2019. CAR is well above the regulatory requirement level given by RBI.
  • CAR has improved to 18.5% in Q3 FY20 from 16.14% in Q3 FY19.
Net Interest Margin (NIM)
  • Net Interest Margin (NIM) and the asset growth, both drives the Net Interest income of the bank.
  • NIM for the quarter Q3 FY20 improved to 3.77% from 3.64% in Q3 FY19 and 3.40% in Q2 FY20.
  • Interest expenses in Q3 FY20 has seen a moderate growth of 0.1% QoQ and 12% YoY, which also contributed to the improved NIM for Dec-19 quarter. On the other hand, Interest income has grown with higher rate of 17% YoY and 3% QoQ.
Cost to Income Ratio
  • For Q3 FY20, the Cost to Income Ratio improved to 42.5% from 43.9% in Q3 FY19 and from 42.9% in Q2 FY20.
  • Cost to income ratio of any bank tells how much cost is incurred to generate operating income of Rs.100 for the bank. The improvement in the cost to income ratio of ICICI bank in Q3 FY20 indicates :
    1. The rise in operational efficiency of the bank
    2. Increased profitability as compared to Q3 FY19 & Q2 FY20

You can check out the company’s ratios, financials and ICICI Bank share price, on our website’s stock-o-meter feature.

All in all, the following ICICI bank annual report will help the investors to make a viable investment decision.

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