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Highlights of Maharashtra State Govt revised EV policy | Invest Yadnya

Highlights of Maharashtra State Govt revised EV policy

Published on 20 July 2021 .Views 42 .Comments 0
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  • To accelerate adoption of EV . Aims to make EVs about 10% of new vehicle registrations till 2025.

  • 25% Electrification of last mile delivery and public transport within 6 targeted urban areas by 2025.

  • To make 15% of MSRTC’s fleet into electric buses.

  • Maharashtra state government policies should become the top producer of BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) with respect to annual production capacity.

  • In 7 major urban places and 4 national highways, 2375 public & semi-public charging stations will be developed.

  • From Apr 2022, all the new Maharashtra State Government Bonds vehicles will be EVs.

  • Fleet aggregators like Ecommerce, delivery/logistic companies in the urban regions should have EVs making up to 25% of the fleet.

  • Incentive plans for EVs and related infrastructure will be formed.

  • Societies installing private charging infrastructure will receive property tax rebates.

  • EVs sold in the state will be exempted from road Maharashtra state government tax on petrol.

  • EVs eligible under the policy will be exempt from Maharashtra state government registration charges too.

  • Demand incentives are planned as follows, 2 wheelers: Rs. 29,000-44,000. 3 wheelers: Rs. 57,000-92000. 4 wheelers: Rs. 1,75,000-2,75,000.

  • Demand Incentives available upfront to customers from manufacturers and dealers.

  • Charging infrastructure incentives will receive the following incentives per public charging station, Slow: Rs. 10,000. Moderate/Fast: Rs. 5,00,000.

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