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GMM Pfaudler OFS Analysis: Promoter Holdings| Investyadnya Stock Article

GMM Pfaudler OFS Analysis

Published on 24 September 2020 .Views 53 .Comments 0
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GMM Pfaudler is a Glass lining company with more than 70% market share in India. Recently it came with OFS which was on significant discount to existing price which resulted in Lower circuit on the company for consistently 2 days

GMM Pfaudler OFS Analysis

About GMM Pfaudler Ltd

GMM Pfaudler is a joint venture between Pfaudler and Gujarat Machinery Manufacturers (GMM). GMM Pfaudler Limited manufactures glass-lined equipment, storage vessels and alloy steel equipment. The company has more than 70% market share in India.

GMM Pfaudler Analysis: Promoter’s Offer For Sale

The video offers a detailed analysis of GMM Pfaudler OFS (Offer for Sale). The video provides a thorough GMM Pfaudler analysis, highlighting the recent sale by promoters. Recently, GMM Pfaudler Promoters made an OFS which was on a significant discount to the existing price. This resulted in a lower circuit on the company for consistently two days. This offer for sale came at a discount of 33% to the closing price as on September 21. The video offers a thorough analysis of GMM Pfaudler promoter selling, highlighting the price & discussing other financials of the company. The video also draws light to the acquisition of the Parent company Pfaudler Global by the subsidiary GMM Pfaudler.

Further, the video provides various figures, such as 52-week high & low, growth patters, balance sheet, ratios & other GMM Pfaudler financials, from the stock-o-meter feature. It can be observed that GMM Pfaudler promoter holding has come down from 75% to 47%. Moreover, the video highlights the lack of institutional investors of the company, which can be a concerning factor.

Make A Viable Investment Decision With GMM Pfaudler Share Analysis

The users will get deep insights into the company’s promoter sale. The investors will get to know about the GMM Pfaudler shareholding pattern, promoter holding & other crucial financials of the company. The users will get a deeper understanding of the company’s profile, institutional investors, valuation & management. They will get a thorough analysis of the growth figures of the company & will be able to understand the company’s stand as a whole.

All in all, this video offering GMM Pfaudler OFS details, the investors will be able to make a viable investment decision.

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