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BPCL Vs HPCL Vs IOCL: Indian Oil Company Analysis | Investyadnya Stock Article

BPCL vs HPCL vs IOCL Comparative Analysis

Published on 02 September 2020 .Views 1354 .Comments 4

Comparison of 3 PSUs and the top Oil marketing & Refining companies in India

BPCL vs HPCL Vs IOCL Comparative Analysis


The video offers a comparative analysis between BPCL, HPCL & IOCL. Bharat Petroleum Corporation  (BPCL)  is India’s second-largest oil marketing company and has a market share of 22% in the domestic sales volume in the Financial Year 2020.  Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) is an oil & natural gas company with the second-largest share of product pipelines in the country. Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) is the largest refiner in India with a market share of 32% in domestic refining capacity and is also the second-largest domestic player in petrochemicals.

BPCL Vs IOCL Vs HPCL: Detailed Comparative Analysis

The video offers an in-depth analysis of the significant oil and gas companies. It provides a peer comparison of the major companies in the oil & gas industry, catering to HPCL vs IOCL, HPCL vs BPCL & BPCL vs IOCL. It offers a detailed description of the shareholding pattern of these petroleum companies. It provides the segregation of the shareholding pattern among the Promoters, Foreign Institutional Investors, Domestic Institutional Investors & General Public.

The video provides a thorough comparative analysis of companies in the petroleum sector. The research is based on the market capitalisation, the current P/E ratio, promoter’s holdings, etc. It offers a thorough valuation of the three oil refining & marketing companies, whereby BPCL Company has a larger market capitalisation & a more excellent P/E ratio when compared to the two companies. Moreover, it can be seen that the government is willing to disinvest from BPCL, further making it a privately listed company. Thus, the video offers a detailed comparative analysis of the petroleum companies, catering to HPCL and BPCL vs IOCL.

IOCL Vs BPCL Vs HPCL: Company Ratio & Financials

The video also provides figures of the historical median P/E, further comparing with the current PE. The ratio analysis of Indian Oil vs Bharat Petroleum vs Hindustan Petroleum is also discussed in the video. This offers comparative ratio analysis, consulting ratios like ROCE, ROE, Debt to Equity, Interest Coverage Ratio & Dividend yield. You can check out the two companies’ financial statements & quarterly results on our website’s stock-o-meter feature. With our available resources & financial products, know about the HPCL shareholding pattern & IOCL shareholding pattern.

The video also offers a detailed discussion on the Sales & Net Profit growth of the petroleum companies. It can be observed that the growth is expected to be sluggish in the coming years; moreover, the impact of the lockdown has also been discussed. Furthermore, it can be incurred that these companies face significant sales growth challenges from non-conventional energy sources, for example, electric vehicles. Also, increased challenges in profitability are expected due to increased government intervention. Moreover, other factors like Market share in refining for FY20, Product sales, along the Gross Refining Margin are also deeply analysed. 

HPCL Vs BPCL Vs IOCL : Make A Viable Investment Decision

The users will get a detailed comparison of the major petroleum companies. If you are an investor & have questions like better BPCL or HPCL or IPCL, we have got your back. To provide an in-depth comparative analysis of the companies, we have discussed multiple factors like shareholding pattern, ratio analysis, profitability, sales growth, market share of IOCL, BPCL and HPCL, etc. These capital intensive companies have a high dividend payout, which may be beneficial for conservative investors. The investors will also understand the companies’ profitability with the change in crude oil prices.

All in all, through this video, the investors will be able to make a viable investment decision on which stock to invest in in Indian oil vs Bharat petroleum vs HP.

Invest Yadnya’s Other Resources For Detailed Stock Analysis

BPCL, HPCL & IOCL are called the Maharatna Companies and are majorly engaged in oil refining & oil marketing. We have numerous other resources for the crude oil sector & its companies. We also offer various other stock articles on comparative analysis. You check out our video on 10 Private Banks Quantitative Analysis & Comparison, Avenue Supermarts vs Reliance Retail Detailed Comparison, Paint Industry Quantitative Analysis and Comparison of top 5 Paint Stocks, etc.

Make all your investment decisions with us, as we offer quality financial advice. For more of such quality content, check out Invest Yadnya.

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