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Bajaj Auto Q4FY21 and FY21 Year Results | Yadnya Investment Academy

Bajaj Auto Q4FY21 and FY21 Year Results | Yadnya Investment Academy

Published on 03 May 2021 .Views 33 .Comments 0
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Q4FY21 results

  • Total income for Q4FY21 stood at Rs. 8,879.7 crores, which is up 21% when compared to 7,348.5 same quarter the previous year. This also includes other income from the company’s investments majorly fixed maturity plans.
  • Revenue from operations increased to Rs. 8,596.1 in Q4FY21 from Rs. 6,815.8 in Q4FY20. A growth of 26%.
  • EBITDA stood at Rs. 1,558 crore, which was up by 20% when compared to Q4FY20 EBITDA of Rs. 1,293 crore. EBITDA margin in the current quarter was 18.1% while in the same quarter the previous year it was 19%.
  • The EBITDA margin declined due to higher input costs in Q4FY21. The company explained that the input cost is rising in Q1FY22 too.
  • Profit after tax for Q4FY21 was at Rs. 1332 crore, up 2% when compared to Q4FY20 profit of Rs. 1310.3 crore.
  • The rising input costs have affected the bottom line profit.


Sales volumes in Q4FY21

  • Volumes in Q4FY21 stood at 11,69,664 when compared to 9,91,961 in Q4FY20. QoQ growth stood at 18%.
  • The domestic volumes stood at 5,34,119 and export volumes were at 6,35,545.
  • Pulsar 125 had a strong pull as its volumes were over 1,28,000 units more than 51,000 units in FY20.
  • The company recorded over 6,00,000 units of exports which were the second-highest in a quarter.


FY21 results

  • The total income for FY21 was Rs. 29,018 crore which was down (8)% when compared to FY20 total income of Rs. 31,652 crore.
  • Revenue from operations reduced by (7)% to Rs. 27,741 crore from Rs. 29,919 crore in FY20.
  • Profit After Tax stood at Rs. 4,555 crore which was down -11% as compared to FY20 PAT of Rs. 5,100 crore.
  • It would be difficult to compare FY21 numbers to FY20 as due to lockdown, the company posted almost close to no sales in Q1FY21.
  • Also FY20 had a dividend income of Rs. 234 crore. The company received no dividends in FY21.

Sales Volumes

  • Sales volumes for FY21 stood at 39,72,914 units. This was down (14)% when compared to FY 20 volumes of 46,15,212. The domestic contribution stood at 48% and the export contribution stood at 52% for FY21.
  • The domestic volumes stood at 19,18,667 and export volumes were at 20,54,247 units.
  • 2 wheelers contributed to 91% of the volumes while the remaining 9% were from commercial vehicles.
  • The export motorcycles volumes just shy of 3.5K units to reach 18 lakh units. This is the second-highest number of exports for motorcycles in FY.
  • Total exports were more than 20 lakh units 3 years in a row.
  • Pulsar sold more than 12.5 lakh units, the highest ever in an FY, in domestic and export markets combined.
  • Overall volumes of motorcycles sold in both domestic and export markets by the competition, Bajaj Auto had a share of 27.6%.
  • Bajaj Auto now is the market leader with a market share of ~46.9% in the big three-wheeler passenger carrier segment.
  • Market share improved to 33.7% by 670bps in the goods carrier segment.



  • The Board recommended a dividend of Rs. 140/share. The total dividend payout would amount to Rs. 4,051 crore, which will be a pay-out ratio of ~90%.
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