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ALKYL AMINES Q1FY21 Earning Call Highlights

ALKYL AMINES Stock Q4FY21 Earning Call Highlights

Published on 24 July 2021 .Views 61 .Comments 0
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Q4 Result Updates

  • Net sales grew by 62.77% YoY to 382 crores which was previously 235 crores
  • EBIDTA grew by 97% YOY basis from 68 crores to 133 crores
  • The bottom-line profit after tax grew by 88% to 92 crores from 49 crores.
  • EPS grew by 88% YOY from 36 to 45.
  • EBITDA Margin declined from 38% to 35% QoQ basis while YOY basis it improved from 29%

Financial Year 2021 Updates:

  • Gross Sales increased by around 25% from 993 crores to 1242 crores.
  • EBITDA grew from 257 crores to 429 crores displaying a stupendous growth of 67%.
  • Profit after Tax grew from 215 crores to 295 crores at the rate of 37% YOY basis
  • EPS grew by 37% from 106 to 145.
  • Improvement in EBITDA Margin from 26% to 31% YoY basis
  • Improvement in PAT Margin from 22% to 24% YoY basis

Other updates

  • Company Expects growth in volumes in future periods of around 15% to 18%
  • Company spent around 150-160 crores in Capital Expenditure & plans to spend around 200 crores in FY 2022 & around similar amount for FY 2023
  • Company has increased expansion of Methylamine of around 45k tons on annual basis
  • AACL holds 40% market share domestically in acetonitrile and the remaining share is mainly imported.
  • The company plans to complete expansion of Acetonitrile by Q2FY22 which will increase its capacity by 15k tons
  • 70% of company’s revenue comes from Agro & Pharma in partnership
  • As per company raw material cost for acetic acid which had previously been 40 has been raised to 100
  • As per the management, the margins on specialty products has increased to 35% approximately which used to stay below 30% due to better selling of products.
  • As per the management, company has repeat customers of around 99% & company signs contracts on quarterly basis.
Company is in the process of implementation of succession planning as well
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