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Reliance Industries AGM 2020 Analysis: 43rd AGM | Investyadnya Stock Article

7 Point Analysis of 43rd Reliance Industries AGM (Free)

Published on 15 July 2020 .Views 6 .Comments 0
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Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate company and the largest private sector company in India. This Fortune 500 company owns businesses across India engaged in energy, textiles, retail, natural resources, petrochemicals and telecommunications.

This video provides the 7 highlights of the 43rd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries. It highlights various important announcements made in the Reliance Industries AGM 2020. The video provides light on the investment made by Google in Reliance Jio and provides emphasis on the strategic investment adopted by Google, for the participation in future business plans, arrangements and decision-making in Reliance Jio platforms.

Further, the video enfolds how the investment made by Google and Facebook would be beneficial for both the companies as well as  Reliance Jio. It also extends the figures of the total stock sale from Jio platforms, thereby, enfolding the “net debt-free” vision. You can also check out Reliance Industries annual reports, stock ratings, quarterly statements and other financial statements on the stock-o-meter of our website!

Further, the video talks about the new application and products launched by Reliance Jio. These include Jio Meet, Jio Glass and Jio TV plus, specifying their growth and acceptance in the Indian market. Moreover, it highlights the upcoming growth of  Reliance future Retail which exhibits the potential of strong investment from strategic and financial investors across the globe. Furthermore, the video unleashes Jio fibre plans, with the development of “Made in India 5G platforms”, which focuses on providing world-class 5G services. It highlights the benefit which can be derived from this service, even by Reliance competitors.

Thus, the users can expect an in-depth analysis of the Reliance Annual General Meeting 2020. Through this video, they will get insights into various announcements & disclosures made in the AGM. Further, highlighting the growth potential of Reliance Industries. The investors will understand the growth aspect of Reliance Industries stock, through the study of various investments, stock sale figures, upcoming products and fresh technological services. All in all, the audience will understand how Reliance Industries is fulfilling the idea of “Made in India” & “ Digital India”, through Reliance subsidiaries.

We have numerous other resources on Reliance Industries, Reliance Jio and other Reliance Subsidiaries. For a better understanding of the company, we have also provided a detailed Stock Analysis of Reliance Industries on our website. For an in-depth analysis of Reliance Subsidiaries, we have offered Reliance Retail Company Analysis, Reliance Jio Stock Analysis and Reliance Retail Valuation Analysis on the website.

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