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Usha Martin is one of the globally influencing makers of wire rope. Founded in the year 1960, today Usha Martin is a multi-unit and multi-product organisation. They have built a strong web of skills spread across the globe with their assignment stations positioned in the UK, North America, South America, Netherlands, Australia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Kazakhstan and Iran. The wire rope manufacturing facilities located in Ranchi, Hoshiarpur, Dubai, Bangkok, and the UK produce one of the widest range of wire ropes in the world. The infrastructural amenities are furnished with high capacity machines to create world-class goods. Their global R&D centre in Italy is actively involved in creating wire ropes and utilises proprietary design software to uncover products that are the choicest in quality. Usha Martin also has a comprehensive R&D facility in their manufacturing unit at Ranchi in India. They are listed in Bombay and the National stock exchange.


  • In June 2008, the organisation signed a joint venture arrangement with BHP Billiton Ltd to set up a joint venture company Bharat Minex Pvt Ltd, to collectively explore for minerals in the land of Jharkhand in India.

  • In the year 1994, the company established Usha Martin Europe Ltd as a subsidiary in a joint venture with Exim Bank of India to create global marketing and distribution set up for the trading of wire ropes.

  • Usha Martin Ltd started as Usha Beltron Ltd and was jointly promoted by Usha Martin Industries Ltd and the Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation. Usha Martin Industries Ltd merged with the company with effect from October 1 1997.

  • In the year 2000, the company's IT division was de-merged into a different troop titled Usha Martin Infotech Ltd.

  • The company acquired a majority stake in Usha Siam Steel Industries Public Ltd Company Bangkok. It is involved in the production of wire ropes. Also, they acquired an 80% stake in Brunton Shaw Ltd UK from Carclo Group. 

  • A joint venture between Usha Martin International Ltd, Brunton Wolf Wire Ropes FZ Co Middle East Dubai, and Gustav Wolf of West Germany was done to increase their production. They commenced their commercial production with a capacity of 6000 MT per annum. 

  • Usha Martin Holdings Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company was merged with the company with effect from April 1 2005. 


They develop high-quality wire rope products with a Long-standing application in diverse sectors like Oil & Offshore, Mining, Crane, Elevator, Infrastructure etc. Other than wire rope, this unit manufactures LRPC strands, customised to have diversified applications in Infrastructure, Renewable energy installations, Bridges, etc.

Usha Martin has an enhanced background in manufacturing & supply of pre-stressing machines & accessories, upheld up by expert installation teams. The unit has an added set-up for building conveyor cords and machinery at Ranchi. Their cable business unit located at Silvassa in India, UM Cables Ltd., manufacture high-class Optical fibre cables, Copper cables, FRP rods etc.  


  1. The company manufactured Jelly Filled Telephone Cables in collaboration with AEG Kabel of Germany. 

  2. In the year 1995, the company commissioned a mini blast furnace at Jamshedpur to reduce cost and improve productivity.

  3. The company established UM Cables Ltd as their wholly-owned subsidiary to set up a greenfield JFTC and OFC plant at Silvassa.

  4. In the year 2001, the company established Usha Martin Singapore (Pty) Ltd as their wholly-owned subsidiary. It was established for setting up a distribution centre in Singapore for wire ropes.


  • Usha Martin’s plant at Ranchi is one of the largest wire rope production facilities under one roof globally.

  • They won the ‘EEPC India National Award’ for export excellence. 

  • They became the only Indian company to supply locked coil steel wire rope in ‘SHANGHAI DISNEYLAND’ CHINA.

  • They exhibited at IIE EXPO 2020.


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