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Ujjivan Small Finance Bank




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Ujjivan Small Finance Bank


Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited is Indian small finance which started its operations in 2017. It is a mass market-focused bank in India that serves financially unserved and underserved divisions & committed to building financial inclusion in the country.

It was launched as a Non-Banking Financial Company to give the economically active poor people a complete range of financial services. It has a well-devised strategy & has rapidly grown.

The Reserve Bank of India approved Ujjivan to set up a small finance bank in 2015. The approach adopted for lending by Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited is an integrated one wherein it has back-end support functions & a technological framework such as a retail bank. It has been able to optimise overall efficiency & expand business volumes.


Ujjivan Small Finance Bank provides the following services:

  1. Savings Accounts: There is no compulsion to open the account with the least deposit & there is no need to maintain a minimum balance.


  1. Current Accounts: It provides the following different current accounts which suit the requirements of small-scale businesses & assists them in expanding & growing:

        Regular Current Account

        Premium Current Account


  1. Deposits: There are 2 types of deposits provided by the Ujjivan Small Finance Bank & customers can make decisions about long term investment of their money with the flexibility available.

        Fixed Deposits

        Recurring Deposits


  1. Micro Loans: It has designed its micro-loans to serve the needs & requirements specifically of the customers. It assists its customers with individual & group microloans.


  1. Home Loans: It offers customised solutions to its customers who are looking to construct, renovate or buy a house or get a loan against property.


  1. Small Business Loans: It provides secures as well as unsecured small business loans to the enterprises.


     Ranked No.6 amongst India's Best Companies


     Got IBA Technology Award


     Won SKOCH AWARD for Inclusive Insurance


     Won Chanakya Awards 2016 in the category of Corporate Citizen for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession, Industry and Society.


     Accorded Innovator In Responsible Business Award


     Got Microfinance Organisation award


     Got Gold Social Performance Reporting Award


     Ranked the 16th Great Place to work in Asia & positioned 2nd among the Indian companies.


     Ranked the 1st position as the Best Company in the Microfinance Industry.


     Got MFI Transparency Award


     Got Microfinance Process Excellence Award for South Region


     In 2005: Got authority to start operations as a non-banking financial company.


     In 2015: Got in-principle approval from the RBI to set up a small finance bank & the company’s name was changed to Ujjivan Financial Services Limited.


     In 2016: The equity shares of the company got listed on NSE & BSE.


     In 2017: It was converted from an NBFC-MFI to NBFC-Non Deposit & got a fresh certificate of registration from the RBI. It has set up four new branches, two each in South & East & merged 32 branches for operation.


     In 2018: Ujjivan Financial Services completely owned subsidiary `Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited.


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