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Sun Pharmaceutical Company Ltd is a Mumbai, India based Multi-national pharmaceutical company. Established by Mr Dilip Shanghvi in 1983, the company had its first base in Vapi, Gujarat. Initially, it started with a two-person marketing team and launched five products, but now they have emerged as one of the largest pharma companies standing at a net income of 530 million USD. 

The Indian pharmastry has become the third-largest producer globally in terms of volumes and develops into a business of $36.7 billion from $20 billion in 2015. Sun Pharma is the second biggest and the most profitable pharmaceutical company in India, as well as the largest pharmaceutical company by market capitalisation on the Indian exchanges. Breaking grounds with Its records Sun pharma is indeed one trusted INDIAN MNC known for its various quality pharma products and is listed in multiple stock exchanges worldwide.


Sun Pharma is into the research area, sells pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). With its horizons and products as vast as space, some of the well-known ailments Sun Pharma provides products for are

  • cardiology 

  • psychiatry 

  • neurology 

  • gastroenterology  

  • diabetology

  •  It also provides APIs such as warfarin, carbamazepine, etodolac, clorazepate, anti-cancers, steroids, peptides, sex hormones, and controlled substances.


Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd went through many mergers and acquisitions, but some of the game-changing were


  • In 1997, Sun took over Tamil Nadu's Dadha Pharmaceuticals Limited (TDPL), based in Chennai, nearly for their comprehensive gynaecology and oncology labels.

  • In 2008 Buys Chattem Chemicals, Inc., a manufacturer of controlled substances with an API facility.

  • On 6 April 2014, Sun Pharma declared that it would acquire 100% of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., estimated at 4 billion USD. This turned tables for Sun, making them the largest pharmaceutical company in India, the largest Indian Pharma company in the US, and the 5th largest generic company globally.

  • In 2012 they acquired Dusa Pharmaceuticals, a dermatology based company.

  • Acquires majority stake in Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, a multinational generic manufacturer with an established North American presence and a strong franchise in dermatology

  • In March 2015, Sun Pharma stated it had agreed to acquire GlaxoSmithKline's opiates company in Australia to grow its pain management collection.

  • In 2015 to strengthen its ophthalmic department, Sun Acquires InSite Vision Inc.'s portfolio in the USA.


  • In 1996 sun pharma expanded its network to 24 countries.

  • In 1998 Sun Pharma launched its first cardiology products that are sold to date.

  • In 2007 Sun Pharma demerged its research unit known as SPARC becoming the first pure research company to get listed in the Indian stock exchange.

  • In 2013 Acquiring Ranbaxy made Sun Pharma, the 5th largest generic company in the world.

  • In 2016 they launched their first ophthalmic product in the USA known as BromSite.

  • In 2018 Sun Pharma bagged the best CSR Practices from The Economic Times (ET).

  • In 2017 Mr Dilip Shanghvi got the Entrepreneur of the Year Award

             by All India Management Association (AIMA).

  • In 2016 Dilip Shanghvi was honoured with Padma Shri Award by the Government of India.

  • In 2015 Sun Pharma got India Pharma Research & Development Award by the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India.

  • Sun Pharma got listed among the world's 100 Most Innovative Companies IN 2014, 2013 Asia's 50 fab companies, and both in 2012, FORBES.


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