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Sumitomo Chemical India (SCI) was established in 2000 and operates in three key business sectors: agro solutions (ASD), environmental health (EHD), and animal nutrition (AND). Within the agro segment, SCI offers a range of solutions including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators (PGRs). In the animal nutrition division, SCI specializes in the production of methionine for use as a feed additive.

SCI has gained recognition for its expertise in marketing proprietary products from its Japanese parent company, Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited, in the fields of agrochemicals, animal nutrition, and environmental health. With a diverse portfolio encompassing both technical and formulation products, SCI has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. Additionally, the company has implemented backward integration strategies for certain products, further strengthening its position in the market


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Sumitomo Chemicals India Company Overview

Sumitomo chemicals India is engaged in producing products for the agricultural sector in India. The company was incorporated on 15th February 2000. It is a subsidiary of its parent company Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited established in Japan that worked to manufacture sulphur dioxide from the Besshi copper mine located in Niihama through smelting operations. 

The company manufactures, imports and markets products and businesses in the categories of Crop Protection, Plant Nutrition & Plant Growth Regulators, Fumigants and Rodenticides, Household Pesticides and Animal Nutrition. The company has also established its roots across the globe such as in Africa. 

It has both domestic businesses and international businesses. In the domestic arena, the company manufactures and sells specialty and generic products with a good distribution network. The international business has its roots spread across 55 countries with its subsidiaries established in Africa and Europe. 

The domestic business includes production products like crop protection including SCIL speciality, SCIL ECC and SCIL Basic. It manufactures Celphos, Fumirat, Commando, and Tojophos under Fumigants & Rodenticides. It also produces Methionine under Animal Nutrition.

Milestones of the company 

2000 - Launch of the company

2001 - The commenced business of Household Insecticide

2002 - Crop Protection business and agrochemical manufacturing at SCEAI 

2011 - Animal Nutrition business 

2016 - The company acquired the Excel Crop Care

2018 - merged with Excel Crop Care and changed the name to its current SCIL 

2019 - had its  stocks listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange

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Brands Of Sumitomo Chemical India

Brands Of Sumitomo Chemical India



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