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Repro India was originally formed as a partnership firm under the name and style of Repro under an original Partnership Deed dated July 23, 1984 which was subsequently modified by the Partnership Deed dated May 1, 1991. Subsequently, the partnership firm was incorporated at Mumbai in the State of Maharastra on April 1, 1993 as Repro Press Private Limited under Part IX of the Companies Act, 1956. With effect from February 9, 1995, it changed its name to Repro India Private Limited. With effect from February 14, 1995 we changed its name to Repro India Limited.

The company was established to carry on the business of printing and to act as Job printers, Lithographers, Stereotypers, electrotypers, photographic printers, book binders, block makers, type founders, art printers, photolithographers, chromolithographers, engravers, embossers, numerical printers, pre-press designing, art works, photo composing, die-sinkers, die-stampers, envelope manufacturers, machine rules, graphic designs and electronic pre-press including digital manipulation of texts, graphics and images, post press including all types of finishing and binding, offset printing, colour offset printing, multi-colour printing, including printing of Annual Reports, Brochures, Computer Manuals, Leaflets, House Journals, Corporate Manuals, festive complimentary and fancy cards.

Repro India is India’s  most integrated print solution company.Their infrastructure near the Port of Mumbai one of the most modern in India.

Equipped with state of art web, sheet fed and Print on Demand presses, the facility is spread across 150,000 sq feet. And has been designed to handle volume – right from pre-press, to print, to dispatch and inventory management.This facility can print right from a single book, to a million copies.

Repro has invested close to $10 million to set up a 5000 sq mt state-of-art facility at Surat in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to give a further focus to its export. The facility has a combination of web presses, sheet fed presses with complementary CTP and binding lines to meet the demand. This is further supported by a battery of inline hologram & label pasting and shrink wrapping machines.

Repro’s head office is located at the heart of Mumbai’s commercial district. It is home to the company’s think tank, comprising its senior management.  It’s location in Mumbai gives it access to India’s best minds in business.

Their investment strategy has always put its customer first, and they have made investments in print technology that adds tremendous value to books – from time and price aspect. Right from CTP, to high speed print, from on-line punching, to economies of scale, it makes sure it has the technology to deliver the best quality books.

In 2011 Repro India acquired Macmillan's Printing Operations in India
Repro India awarded the Capexil award for the fifth time.
Repro is now India's first print solutions company to be awarded FORGA PSO Certifiaction.

Products range of the company includes:

  • Educational Books
  • Children's Books
  • Catalogues and Magazines
  • Annual Reports


  • Design
  • Pre-Press
  • Web Press 
  • Sheet-Fed
  • Print on Demand
  • Post Press
  • Logistics

The clients of the company include:

Tata Steel, Godrej, Cognos, HP, IBM, IIHT, Infosys, HUL, Macmillan, Wipro, Oxford University Press, Alligator Books ltd, Automn Publishing, Holland Publishing and many more.


  • The ISO 9000 – 2001 Certification . 
  • The Hasbro Certification.
  • The Disney Certification. 
  • The Mattel Certification. 
  • Dollar General Certification. 
  • SEDEX Certification. 
  • TESCO Certification.
Brands Of Repro India

Brands Of Repro India



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