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Incorporated in 1997, Ramco Systems Limited is a part of the Chennai based Ramco Group, one of India's largest building materials manufacturers. Ramco Group is a conglomerate of several enterprises engaged in building materials, IT and logistics sectors. 

Ramco Systems limited has a strong foothold over the dynamic IT and Software market in India. Its headquarters is in Sardar Patel Road, Sriram Nagar, Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The commanding enterprise focuses on Innovation and Culture to mark a distinctive place in the competitive marketplace. Its extensive trade network consists of nearly 24 global offices stretched across more than 35 countries like India, Nepal, Middle East, South Africa and Bangladesh to address the market needs. The company is also listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchange list.


The company is a part of Ramco Group. It is a Siebel Alliance Partner and caters to the CRM implementation needs of its global customers. 

Ramco Systems has a widespread network of business partners, namely, Microsoft, Deloitte, Infosys, Tata consultancy services, amazon web services and many more. 

The software services provider acts as a holding company to various enterprises like Ramco Systems FZ LLC, RSL Software Company Limited etc. 


The company has an expansive range of products which they offer to their global customers

  • managed payroll services

  • completely integrated Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) and Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) systems 

  • end to end ERP software for Drones and eVTOL aircrafts

  • defence compliant aviation suite

  • chatbot and Voice-ready ERP software systems 

  • human capital management (HCM) software

  • Logistics software

  • enterprise asset management 

Ramco Systems Limited is the leading global enterprise solution provider in Manufacturing, Aviation, Asset Management, Trading & Logistics, Healthcare, eGovernance, Banking & Financial Services niche. 


2000 - 2001 -Ramco systems limited ventured into two new business lines, namely, Software consulting projects & Services centred around e-business solutions. In the same fiscal, the software enterprise entered into a major strategic partnership with Boeing, Sun Microsystems, Siebel & Nortel Networks. 

In 2001, the software developer company joined hands with Enterasys Networks based in the united states of America. Ramco offers Enterasys Networking products to its customers.

Ramco Systems Limited bagged orders from DLF Universal

in 2004. 

During the year 2013, it received a quality certification ISO(27001), followed by another quality certification 20000-1 in 2011 and one more ISO(9001) in the year 2015.


The company was awarded six awards for Best HR Management, Payroll & Talent Management Software in Kuala Lumpur, 2015. 

The converged Networking Solutions provider received CIO Choice Honor & Recognition 2016.

The software solution enterprise grabbed a trophy for Best Cloud HR & Payroll Software. 

 The company was awarded for Operational Excellence and Quality award at the BPO Excellence Awards in 2011. 

Global payroll association recognized the efforts of Ramco systems limited and honoured the company with the title Highly Recommended Payroll Software Supplier of the Year 2017.

It received Frost & Sullivan 2017 Asia Pacific Talent Management Solutions Enabling Technology Leadership Award. Microsoft has raised the company status to Gold Certified Partner Status.


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