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The company has product portfolio that’s caters therapeutics areas like pain management, diabetes and cardiovascular management, renal disease management, osteoporosis management, anti-tubercular, gastro-intestinal.

Panacea Biotec is the third largest biotechnology company (as per ABLE Survey, 2006), as well as among the top 50 pharmaceutical companies (as per ORG IMS July 2006) of India.

The company has been granted patents across countries like USA, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Korea and China are among others.

Collaboration/ Strategic alliances The company has collaborated with Cambridge Biostability, U.K to develop thermo stable vaccines.

It has collaborated with National Institute of Immunology, India for Japanese Encephalitis candidate vaccine.

PBL has entered in strategic alliance with Biotech Consortium India to develop, manufacture and market of Anthrax vaccine.

The company has entered into an in-licensing arrangement with National Institute of Health, USA for use of a peptide based product for generation of hair follicles and hair growth.

The company has collaborated with Netherlands Vaccine Institute for inactivated polio vaccine.

It has collaborated with NRDC- India for Foot & Mouth Disease vaccine for veterinary use and Bio Farma-Indonesia for Measles vaccine.

The exclusive products based on patented Drug Delivery System include Panimun Bioral (Cyclosporine), Willgo, ThankGod (for comprehensive management of haemorrohoids), Xeed (anti-tubercular FDC with innovative Drug Delivery for optimum bioavailability of Rifampicin), Nimulid Safeinject, Nimulid MD, Nimulid Transgel. 

Commencing fiscal 2008, the company plans for international marketing of novel NDDS based pharmaceutical formulation products to the international markets, like USA, U.K., Germany, France, Latin American countries and Italy through marketing collaborations and are on the look out for partners for distribution & marketing.

Business areas Research and Development (R&D) – Under this the company primarily focuses on New Chemical Entities (NCE), New Biological Entities (NBE) and Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS). The company has a team of 200 scientists working on different aspect of research across its four R&D centers.

Vaccines- Under this the company has product portfolio of oral polio vaccines and Hepatitis-B vaccines. It is obtaining pre-qualifications for others vaccines. The company markets its vaccines through Chiron Panacea Vaccines, this is a 50:50 joint venture with Novartis Vaccines, U.K

Formulations- It has created flagship brands like Willgo for pain management, Glizid & Glizid-M for diabetes; Panimun Bioral and Mycept for kidney transplant.

Panacea Biotec in 2009 signed an agreement with Popular Pharma for technology transfer, marketing and distribution of vaccines. Popular Pharma is engaged in manufacturing life saving drugs and has presence in various countries.

In 2010 Panacea Biotech's Baddi unit gets US FDA approval
In 2011 PanaceBiotec - Panacea Biotec Launches - PacliALL
In 2012 Panacea Biotech launches Inactivated Polio Virus vaccine in Nigeria
PanaceBiotec - Panacea Biotec inaugurates state of the art Oncology Production Unit
PanaceBiotec - Panacea Biotec Entered into Strategic Alliance with Osmotica Pharmaceutical
Panacea Biotec wins order worth Rs 187 cr from Govt to supply polio vaccines.

Brands Of Panacea Biotec

Brands Of Panacea Biotec



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