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Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders


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Mazagoan  Dock  yard was established in the 18th century and then over 200 odd eventful years It was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in 1934.The Yard was established in the 18th century, and over the 200 odd eventful years, has earned a reputation for quality work and established a tradition of skilled and resourceful service to the shipping world in general and the Indian Navy, Coast Guard & ONGC in particular.  In its varied history, MDL passed through various ownerships like the P&O lines and the British India Steam Navigation Company. After its takeover by the Government in 1960, Mazagon Dock grew rapidly to become the premier war-shipbuilding yard in India, producing sophisticated warships for the Navy and offshore structures for the ONGC.

Main activities of the company are shipbuilding, shiprepairs and fabrication of offshore structures with facilities situated at Mumbai and Nhava. The company has the capability to build vessels such as warships, submarines, merchant ships upto 30,000 DWT and fabrication of well head platforms, process and production platforms and jack up rigs. For outfitting work, the company has a large number of workshops with sophisticated equipment and machines specific to hull fabrication and ship construction work. Repair work is also under taken using the available facilities. It has grown from a single unit, small ship repair company, into a multi-unit and multi-product company, with significant rise in production, use of modern technology and sophistication of products. 

The company’s current portfolio of designs spans a wide range of products for both domestic and overseas clientsMDL has constructed a variety of ships both for the defence and the commercial sector. In the defence sector the major customers have been the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard. MDL has to date constructed twenty one warships and seven OPVs. The first warship , a Leander Class Frigate, was christened INS NILGIRI and was commissioned in 1972. Two type 1500 Submarines-SHALKI and SHANKUL have also been built in India by MDL.

The first of a new class of 6700 ton destroyers, INS DELHI was commissioned in November 1997, and the second ship, INS MYSORE in June 1999. Seven 1200 tons Offshore Patrol Vessels, currently in service, were designed, built and commissioned by MDL for the Indian Coast Gaurd. India's first indigenously designed missile frigates of the Godavari class were also build by Mazagon Dock. INS Godavari, was commissioned in 1983, followed by Ganga in 1985 and Gomati in 1988. The Navy also selected the yard as the lead shipyard to build its new corvettes and Missile Boats, and to take on construction of the largest indigenously designed warships - the guided missile destroyers of the Delhi class.

The first of this class, Delhi was commissioned in 1997, followed by Mysore in 1999 and the third, Bombay will join the Navy in 2000. These 6,800 tonne, gas turbine propelled vessels are the largest warships to be built in India. Mazagon Dock displayed its versatility in building submarines for the Indian Navy. The Shalki in 1992 and Shankul in 1994 are high technology type 209 submarines built in collaboration with M/s HDW of Germany. The facilities for production of submarines were set up at Mazagon Dock on 1984. MDL has developed a wide range of products for the commercial sector and has constructed a variety of ships ranging from Offshore Supply Vessels, and Harbour Utility Vessels/Crafts such as Tugs-15 nos., Dredgers-11 nos., 9000 Cu.M. Water Tankers-2 nos., Passenger cum Cargo Vessels-3 nos. and an assortment of Support Vessels, Trawlers and Barges besides a Virtual jetty, a Multi-point mooring system and Floating cranes.

The shipyard has Long standing experience in dealing with all international classification societies both for new construction and ship repairs. The dock was built with the aim of repairing merchant ships and warships belonging to the British, French, Moghul and Maratha fleets. According to the records, Mazagon Dock's ability to build teak ships earned it a pride of place in Indian maritime history. Mazagon Dock has the enviable reputation of having built one of Britain's oldest and famous vessels - the Trincomalee. Built in 1814, she was commissioned in 1817 as a 46-gun frigate. After eight decades of meritorious service, she was renamed the Foudroyant and converted into a maritime museum giving visitors a glimpse of life at sea after the Napoleonic wars. Mazagon Dock's forte lies in using a healthy blend of traditional ship repair skills and modern technology to perform challenging tasks.

Over the years it has risen to the occasion every time the maritime fraternity has had an unusual requirement. Whether it was the task of replacing the damaged bow structure of HMS Ambuscade or converting Indian Navy's Trishul from a gun toting frigate to a missile carrying one, Mazagon Dock has proved more than equal to the task.

Business Areas:-

  • Ship Building
  • Ship repairs
  • Submarine
  • Heavy Engineering

1) Ship Building:- MDL has constructed a variety of ships both for the defence and the commercial sector.The first modern warship to be built by the company was the Leander Class frigate “INS NILGIRI'.  Its design was obtained from the British Admiralty and the frigate itself was built in collaboration with M/s. Vickers Ltd. and M/s. Yarrow (Shipbuilders) Ltd. of U.K. The NILGIRI was launched in October, 1968 and commissioned in 1972.  During the next nine years Mazagon Dock built and delivered five more frigates in this class for the Indian Navy.  Indian Naval Ships Nilgiri, Himgiri, Udaygiri, Dunagiri, Taragiri and Vindhyagiri formed the main thrust package of the Navy in the seventies and eighties.

2) Ship repairs:- Mazagon Dock is fully geared to carry out major repairs to all type of vessels and handles a large portion of repairs carried out in the port of Mumbai. The Company's repair service is famous for the quality of its work and adherence to delivery schedules. Mazagon Dock is authorised to carry out repair in Mumbai Port Trust Premises (at dry docks, berths, outer quays and at - anchorage.) Voyage repair facilities have been developed at Nhava Yard near Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust for quicker turnaround of ship. Both deck and machinery repair work are undertaken. Underwater repair can be carried out on all types of vessels upto 300 meters long (45,000 T).

3) Submarine:- Way back in 1984 Shrimati Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India, unveiled a plaque and thereby was born the Submarine yard of MDL.  In keeping with the existing system of designating the yards, the submarine yard was christened as East Yard.  With its spacious, well ventilated and well-lit covered sworkshops, spanking new and modern CNC machines, self-sufficient service facilities and a young, dedicated Germany trained workforce, the yard soon became the cynosure of all eyes in rest of the company.  Created with the express aim of building submarines, East Yard soon carved out a niche for itself through dedicated work, attention to quality and eagerness to adhere to schedules.  The work culture inculcated in the East Yard personnel stood them in good stead when, on completion of the two SSK class submarines viz. INSM Shalki and Shankul, East Yard was assigned the responsibility of constructing one Type 1241 RE class of Missile Boat.  Although this was to be built following Russian Norms, East Yard technocrats rose to the occasion and delivered a fine vessel that is still serving the nation with competence.4)Heavy engineering:- Facilities for fabrication were established at Alcock, Mumbai and at Nhava Yard. MDL has the capability of undertaking construction work of well head platforms, water injection and process platforms, jack-up rigs, SBMs and other offshore structures. Repair and maintenance jobs on offshore rigs are also undertaken at Alcock, Jackets upto 80m. length and 2200 T. weight can be constructed. At Nhava, Jackets upto 80m. length and 2300 T. weight, Main Decks upto 550 T. weight and Helipads of 160 T. weight

Awards & Achievements:-

Mazagon Dock built the INS Nilgiri - India's first indigenously built Leander class frigate. Five more ships followed in the subsequent decade, each an improvement over the previous one. These had enhanced anti-submarine capabilities with facilities for landing and carrying seeking helicopters. The level of improvements made on each subsequent frigate is apparent when one considers that the last of the Leanders, Taragiri, and Vindhyagiri bore little resemblance to their older sisters. Mazagon Dock has reason to be proud of its achievements as all the improvements on the Leanders were carried out by an in-house team of experts. The Dock has also helped safeguard the country's coastline by designing and delivering specially constructed 1200 - tonne offshore Patrol Vessels to the Coast Guard. Moreover, Mazagon Dock has designed and constructed over fifty-five non-combative vessels of various types including multi-purpose cargo vessels, dredgers, tugs, harbour craft, support vessels, passenger vessels and water tankersOver the years, Mazagon Dock witnessed many changes. Modernisation and expansion activities were put into place including the construction of three dry docks..

Brands Of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders

Brands Of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders



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