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Hester biosciences are the second largest animal vaccine producer in India and one of the worlds leading healthcare companies. The founder of Hester Biosciences is Mr Rajiv Gandhi, and he began this journey in 1987. Hester has an imperative presence in over 30 nations while centring on key market requirements in India, Nepal and Tanzania. The company has their headquarters in Ahmedabad, India. Their product range is largely diversified into four streams- Poultry Vaccines, Poultry Health Products, Animal Vaccines and Animal Health Products. The group holds and runs Asia's most extensive single-location animal biological manufacturing facility and has an R&D unit at Kadi. The organisation believes in giving out and believes in- Aware smallholder farmers can achieve great heights if Appropriate products and services are made available to them at affordable prices. Therefore, they also provide end to end solutions to their clients. Hester equity shares are listed on the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) and the BSE Limited.


  • They are also the proprietors of subsidiaries, including Hester Biosciences Africa and have acquired other companies like Gujarat Agrofarm (which they purchased in 2007).

  • Hester has worked and partnered with various organisations over the years, including Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GALVmed, Golchha Organisation, and the latest venture into the Egyptian market with Nova Pharma.

  • Hester biosciences partnered with Galvmed on vaccines for Newcastle disease.

  • In 2000, Ahmedabad-based Hester Pharmaceuticals Ltd entered into a contract manufacturing agreement with the Tokyo-based Sinsui Inc.


The company is a 100% biotech company producing animal biologicals. 

  • Hester Biosciences currently manufacture 45 types of poultry vaccines (live and inactivated), 4 large animal vaccines (live and inactivated). The company's product range includes Live Vaccines, Killed Vaccines, Diagnostic kits, and Seromonitoring services.

  • The company also in the business activities of Poultry Vaccines and Large Animal Healthcare products like ointments, oral sprays, medicines for various ailments, disinfectants, supplements, topical solutions, etc.

  • Hester believes in looking out for their customers and have set up two fully equipped labs in India, both extremely proficient at sero-monitoring. The aim is to monitor the health of herds, prescribe appropriate vaccines, and provide a tentative vaccination schedule to the customers in order to protect their flock from diseases more efficiently.


In 2020 Hester Biosciences collaborated with IIT Guwahati to develop a vaccine against COVID-19.

In 2017, Hester diversified by venturing into diagnostic labs for poultry and started providing end to end solutions to their customers for better animal care.

Hester is the first commercial manufacturer of Goat pox vaccine in India. They manufacture PPR vaccines from both the strains, Nigerian and Sungri strains.

The company was incorporated on 29th April as a Private Limited Company and was converted into a Public Limited Company on 1st November 1993.


In 2010 Hester Biosciences received "The Best Animal Vaccine Company" honour from The New Economy in the UK.

Hester Biosciences L - WHO GMP Certification awarded to Hester Launching of Bivalent Marek's Disease Live Vaccine.

In 2016, Rajiv Gandhi, the founder and CEO of Hester, was awarded the Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year from Ahmedabad Management Association. 


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