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Gillette India Ltd is a renowned player in the FMCG industry started on February 9th, 1984. It is engaged in manufacturing & marketing branded packaged fast-moving consumer goods in the grooming & oral care businesses. Its products are marketed through retail operations such as membership club stores, mass merchandisers’ grocery stores, department stores, high-frequency stores, & drug stores.

It deals in 2 segments, namely Oral Care & Personal Grooming. Personal Grooming segment consists of blades, razors & toiletries. The Oral Care segment consists of toothbrushes & oral care products. Many of its flagship premium shaving systems including Fusion, ProGlide, Mach3, & Venus Razors are produced in South Boston.  The headquarters for P&G’s Global Grooming Business which includes Gillette is situated in South Boston.

It had various vital innovations on manual toothbrushes such as the launch of Ultrathin Sensitive toothbrush, Pro-Health Anti-Bacterial toothbrush, & Cavity Defense Black. These innovations were obtained exceptionally well by the customers & trades, assisting the Company to produce its product superiority further. Oral-B also maintained its partnership with dentists to promote oral health awareness through the free dental checkup program. Oral-B brushes continue to be the most recommended & used toothbrush brand among dentists in India in the financial year 2017.


Here is the list of products manufactured by Gillette India:

        Gillette Sensor.

        Sensor for Women

        Sensor Excel

        Sensor 3

        Blue II

        Blue 3

        Custom Plus is a series of disposable razors.

        Mach 3 which is the 1st three-blade razor

                           i.          Mach 3 disposable

                          ii.          Mach 3 Turbo

                        iii.          Mach 3 Turbo Champion

                        iv.          Mach 3 Power

                          v.          Mach 3 Sensitive


        Venus is a division of razors for women.

                           i.     Venus Divine
                           ii.     Venus Vibrance
                           iii.    Venus Embrace
                           iv.    Venus Breeze
                           v.     Venus ProSkin Moisture Rich,


        Gillette Fusion

                           i.    Gillette Fusion Power

                          ii.     Fusion Power Phantom

                        iii.      Fusion Power Phenom

                        iv.     Fusion ProGlide and Fusion ProGlide Power

                          v.     Fusion Proshield Flexball
    Fusion ProGlide FlexBall 


     In 2010, Campaign Asia-Pacific declared Gillette India as the Brand of the Year.

     In 2012, Mach 3 Sensitive was awarded the Best New Product Award after being voted 'Best in Show' in Mexico’s awards program.


     In 1984: It was started as Indian Shaving Products.


     During 1990-1991, it expanded its capacity to produce the 7 O'clock Ejtek PII Twin Blade Shaving System.


     In 1993: It introduced Gillette Shaving Products.


     During 1995-1996: Gillette India launched ready shaver under the brand name 7 O'clock Ready II. It also introduced the known brand Oral B internationally.


     In 2000: Wilkinson Sword India & Duracell (India) merged with the company & was renamed as Gillette India Ltd.


     In 2001: It launched a product line namely Gillette Series Arctic Ice. It also introduced the Gillette Series Satin Care for Gillette Centennial Packs & Women Wild Berry Line.


     In 2003: It launched Gillette Vector Plus and Ultra M3AA batteries.


     In 2004: It launched Gillette Mach3 Turbo which is a triple-blade shaving system.


     In 2005: Gillette Company, USA was obtained by Procter & Gamble Company, USA. It became a segment of Procter & Gamble Company, USA.


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