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Endurance Technologies manufactures automobiles and other components such as aluminium die casting, suspension, braking systems and so on. They have a variety of technologies that are utilised for the production of these components. Their business runs all across the globe however, in the Indian market their main focus is on two and three wheeler OEMs. The company also has a great presence in the European markets where they cater mostly for four-wheelers.

The company first shared its stocks in 2016 with the share price of endurance being Rs 570 on the Bombay stock exchange (BSE). 

Endurance has witnessed great returns in past stock prices which gives one a good reason for investing in endurance technologies stocks. The upside of the stocks is that there is a great sense of momentum and endurance technologies share price has noticed a lot of breakouts over 50 levels. 

Endurance technologies share were at 1275 INR down at 6 %. Endurance Technologies' share price target at the current moment is assumed to be at Rs 1370. According to various reports, the endurance share prices for their automotive components had fallen from 20% in the previous month. This month's reports show that its 52-week came to a close at 1250 on April 15. 

If you are interested in purchasing endurance technologies stocks, then you can do so through any brokerage firm or on any online portals that have been registered. There are several target prices that are offered and after conducting your own market research you can invest in the stocks when the returns in the market are deemed to be beneficial. 


Endurance Technologies Stocks 2022

Since the year 2021 auto stocks have been doing great in the market. The industry has shown resilience and bounced back despite the hindrance of the pandemic, the growth rate has been good. Just like that, the automotive industry has seen a great upside and is only expected to see further growth at an expected value of approximately 200 billion dollars in the coming years. If you want to expand your investment portfolio, then this industry can prove to be a great asset to have. Despite their fall in prices at times, the rates pick back up greatly. 

Now, the question falls on whether it is a good time to invest in endurance tech share price right now. According to the endurance technologies share price forecast, the predictions show that you can invest in their stocks right now because you can avail a good long-term investment return. The data of this tech giant has shown substantial growth which makes it a good option to consider for long-term growth. 

Thus, you can expect profits from your investment. As of April 2022 (although stock prices keep changing exponentially), the share price of endurance technologies is INR 1213.350 with slight fluctuations. The analysis for this states that there is an upside in the share prices to be expected at about 146.81% at least. 

Endurance Technologies IPO price per share rates at about 472 INR for each share. The prices are fixed issued with the upper limit range for endurance technologies ipo at 472 and the lower limit range at around 467. They have around 25 units in India, Germany and Italy. For each share, you can get a face value of Rs 10. 

Endurance share price nse is at 1225.65 currently with the 52-week flow expected at 1989 and the 52-week low at 1047.20 as of March 2022. The endurance share price closed at 1243.50. Although there has been a slight decline in the endurance technologies share prices rates, it is predicted that there will be an upside in the future, especially for long-term investment options. 


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Brands Of Endurance Technologies



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