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Infotrek Syscom incorporated in the year 1994, as a private limited company and was converted into a pimited company in the year 1995, it went public in the same year and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange since June,1995.

Infotrek Syscom is presently engaged in the business of Electronic Equipment Recycling. The company’s facilities are located in Panvel, Navi Mumbai, India, spread over 7000 sq ft constructed area run by qualified & experienced professionals having access to modern tools and technology at their disposal.

Typically asset management activity deals with managing small and large volumes of retired electronic equipment, since newer and more technically advanced equipment are being placed into service. In nutshell asset management includes five basic activities:

  • Equipment refurbishment and resale
  • De-manufacturing and disassembly
  • Harvesting valuable components
  • Hazardous and base metal recovery
  •  Hazardous component management

Infotrek Syscom Ltd has a 100% Export Oriented Unit and probably is the only company in this sector. It is proud to claim that it has been assigned ISO 9001:2000 certification. Over & above that Infotrek Syscom Ltd is Member of IAER, NY-USA.

The company has chalked out a business plan to develop it's own facilities of 45,000 sq. ft in the vicinity of Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), Navi Mumbai, equipped with modern facilities to cater above services up to precious metal recovery. The location has been selected keeping the logistics in mind of imports from USA, UK, Malaysia and exports to Egypt, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other neighboring nations.

The company is having a well structured facilities spread over 7000 sq.ft of area. MOU for acquiring 45000 sq ft of land near JNPT for container movement. Modern material handling equipments and fully equipped laboratory to facilitate R & D.

The facilities of the company extend latest knowledge to the qualified & experienced engineers.

Services offered by the company:

Recycling-Equipment Resale: Reselling the used computer equipment to release residual value.

Redeployment: Upgrading and redeploying equipment back in to the organization. Infotrek Syscom can take a required number of units and undertake refurbishment, hardware upgrade, configuration, individual customization, and then redeploy the equipment.

Computer Recycling: Infotrek Syscom’s computer recycling service enhances organisations’ environmental credentials by taking obsolete and non-working items, recovering materials and recycling them with no residual to landfill.

Employee Purchase: Offer value back to its own employees by allowing them to purchase equipment that are no use any longer . Infotrek Syscom work with clients to effectively manage the complex benefit-in-kind benefits, data protection and product safety and warranty issues.

Logistic Management: A network of logistics partners facilitates the collection and transportation of equipment to Infotrek Syscom premises ready for processing.Moving offices or transferring equipment: Infotrek Syscom offers an effective, secure and reliable solution including desktop disconnection, storage and reinstallation at the new location.

E-waste management activity:

  • De-manufacturing and disassembly
  • Recovering valuable components 
  • Hazardous and base metal recovery
  • Hazardous component management
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