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Incorporated in the year 1990, Axiscades Engineering Technologies Ltd focuses on engineering solutions and services. The expertise of Axiscades Engineering lies in catering for digital, manufacturing, technology and the engineering needs of its clients ranging from defence to automotive fields. It is a homesteader in blending engineering and manufactures knowledge with leading technology to fit in the needs of its valuable customers. Its main office is located in the Kirloskar business park of the IT hub of the nation, Bangalore. The company aims at broadening its merchandise station to satisfy the growing requirements of the automotive, defence, energy and medical equipment sectors and is enthusiastic to improve its efficiency and innovate new opportunities for an impeccable experience for its clients. Their network consists of about 16 branches divided all over India, the United States of America, Europe andChina for customer satisfaction, their one true goal. The company is listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchange list.


The company was formed as Axis Inc., Mechanical Engineering and services provider changing its name to Axiscades Engineering Technologies Ltd. in 2005.

The prominent enterprise acquired CADES, a product design and engineering services company in the year 2009. 

 In 2017, the leading product engineering solution provider put forth its interest to acquire technology company Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

With an enthusiasm to expand its ventures, Axiscades Engineering Ltd. completed its acquisition of AXISCADES Aerospace and Technologies Private Limited, a Company focusing on Aerospace & Defense.


The company has an innovative range of products which they offer to their global clients

  • Social Distancing Detector

  • AI, MI, Data Analytics

  • Tools Design and development

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Wiring and Interconnection Systems

  • Digital Services

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Production of Automated Test Equipment and Test Interface Units (TIU)

  • Data pre-processing and Acquisition in Manufacturing Intelligence

  • Structural Assembly Tools

  • Aero Engine Tools

  • SPM Designs

  • Ticketing Services

The company is also in the business segment of Off-Highway and Industrial, Renewable Energy industries.


2000- initiated its first SDC in Noida. 

In 2021 they signed an Industrial Cooperation Agreement with VRM industries to supply flight simulators for jet aircraft training for Indian Air Force pilots.

In 2012, the leading enterprise approved the establishment of a subsidiary in China to explore and pursue business opportunities on the global platform. 

The company launched its first Bird Detection & Monitoring Radar System in 2014.

They received a quality certification ISO(9001) in the year 2015, followed by another quality certification AS9100D, and one more ISO(27001) in the year 2013.


The company got listed by airbus for fuselage and product development in 2019.

Axiscades have been growing since its incorporation extending to the USA, UK, Europe and China. The worldwide recognition earned by this enterprise in such a short span of business is a commendable achievement. 

The company is well trusted and holds high value among its customers linked to defence, medical, automotive, and many others.

Their motto is to be one of the world's most admired, trusted and capable engineering solutions companies. 


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