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Amines & Plasticizers

Amines & Plasticizers


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Amines and Plasticizers (APL) was incorporated in 1973 as a public limited company, registered under the Indian Companies Act of 1956 and is the pioneer and largest producer of Ethanolamines, Alkyl Alkanolamines, Plasticizers, Morpholine, Alkyl Morpholines and Gas Treating Solvents in India.

APL was set up in technical collaboration with the erstwhile Napthachemie, France (now a part of British Petroleum) and plant engineering was done by Ralph M. Parsons, USA. APL is an ISO-9001:2000 certified company and is a global supplier of organic chemicals used in Oil Refineries, Natural Gas Plants, Ammonia Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals etc. meeting customers’ demands to their utmost satisfaction in keeping with APL's Quality Policy. In the field of Ethanolamines and Alkyl Alkanolamines, APL is serving approximately 75-80% of the total demand of the Indian Market and is regularly exporting material to over 35 countries globally including USA, Canada, Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, etc. It has also pioneered the manufacture of the Methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA), an Ethylene Oxide derivative and is constantly striving to develop new products through its R&D efforts so as to expand its current product range to meet customer requirements. APL has been awarded the highest award by the Government of India for 'Import Substitution and Technical development' for pioneering the manufacture of Methyl Diethanolamine in 1991.

APL has entered into a strategic alliance with the Dow Chemical Company, USA for Technology, products and services provided by its Specialty Amines Group to cater to the total sour gas treatment requirements of Refineries, Ammonia Plants etc. and has offered the technology for the first time in India. APL has a dedicated team of engineers / chemists providing a range of Gas Treating Technologies / Services to Refineries, Natural Gas Plants, Ammonia Plants etc in India and overseas.

APL is committed to total customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services worldwide and this has helped it to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Amines. In the field of Plasticizers, APL manufactures a wide range of products which include Phthalates, Sebacates, Trimellitates, Acetates, Maleates, etc. APL can also custom manufacture a range of Esters / Plasticizers to cater to specific customers’ needs.

APL has also pioneered the manufacture of Morpholine & Alkyl Morpholines in India. It is the world’s third largest producer of N-Methyl Morpholine Oxide, which is the preferred solvent used for the manufacture of Viscose Staple Fibre by the Solvent Spun Process. APL's range of Alkyl Morpholines includes Lauryl, Methyl, Ethyl, Hydroxy Ethyl Morpholines etc. APL is diversified into the manufacture of the Industrial Gases, namely, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Acetylene in the year 1984 at its facilities in Khopoli, 80 Kms. from Mumbai.

APL also offers consultancy services for setting up plants for the manufacture of the Ethanolamines and Plasticizers on a case to case basis and its range of services extend for technology transfer, designing, and procurement of equipment, erection, testing and commissioning of plant and training of plant personnel. APL has also set-up Plasticizer plants in India and in Pakistan and is currently executing a turnkey project for a Viscose Rayon manufacturer for the recovery, regeneration and purification of solvent in the new 'Solvent Spun Process'. At APL, where growth maintaining service and quality are a way of life, it constantly looks forward to expanding the company's operations, both within India and abroad with suitable two way transfer of technology and product. Amines & Plasticizers (APL) also obtained the right from the DOW Chemical Company (Dow) use of the Methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA) based Specialty Amine products supplied in India.


1. Morpholine 

2. Pharma Intermediates 

3. Ethanolamines / Alkyl Alkanolamines

4. Other Products


1. Simulation Services

2. Ongoing Technical Support

3. Analytical Laboratory Services

4. Analytical Frequency

Brands Of Amines & Plasticizers

Brands Of Amines & Plasticizers



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