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Invest value and contra funds through Investyadnya reviews and know more about top contra funds. Download ebooks for free in pdf for contra fund vs value fund with financial planning ebooks, mutual fund ebooks, etc

Value & Contra Funds Comparison & Detailed Reviews

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Value and Contra Funds are two different mutual fund schemes with varied objectives of investment. 

Value & Contra Mutual Fund Category - Detailed Analysis & Review of these funds is made based on the latest 30th Sept 2019 data. This most Comprehensive comparison and detailed review are made by Yadnya's proprietary methodology of Green, Yellow & Red Star of 11 Value/Contra funds.

What is Contra Fund?

These funds are those which emphasize investing in stocks of underperforming companies with the hope that they will excel in the future. Kotak Classic Contra, Invesco India Contra Fund, SBI Contra fund are some of the top Contra funds. 

What is a Value fund?

These funds invest only in stocks of those companies that are undervalued and possess a competitive advantage. T.Rowe Price Value Fund, Applied Finance Select Fund, Bridge Builder Large Cap Value Fund are a few of the major examples. 

This Value Contra Fund ebook has got it all from fund returns to allocation to ratios.  If you are an investor & are stuck to choose one between these two funds, then this book is perfect for you as it presents a detailed analysis of  Contra Fund vs Value Fund and the difference between Contra Fund and Value Fund. Hence with detailed descriptions of topics ranging from  Value Contra growth to Contra vs Value,  InvestYadnya is here for all your Investment & Financial queries! Hope you will find InvestYadnya reviews helpful. 

Pages- 117

  1.  Value/Contra Category

    1. Introduction

    2. What are Value Funds?

    3. Features of Value Fund

    4. Key points to Note while investing in Multicap Funds


    1. Rating Comparison

    2. Market Cap

    3. AUM

    4. Returns- Calendar, Trailing, Rolling, and SIP

    5. Fund Manager

    6. Diversification- Sector

    7. Diversification- Stocks & PTR

    8. Expense Ratio

    9. Risk Ratios - Alpha, Beta, Sharpe Ratio, Standard Deviation, PE Ratio

  3. DETAILED FUND ANALYSIS (Review on 20+ Parameters with last 10 years historical data)

    1. Aditya Birla Sunlife Pure Value Fund

    2. HDFC Capital Builder Value Fund

    3. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund

    4. IDFC Sterling Value Fund

    5. Invesco India Contra Fund

    6. L&T India Value Fund

    7. Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund

    8. Reliance Value Fund

    9. SBI Contra Fund

    10. Tata Equity PE Fund

    11. UTI Value Opportunities Fund

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Disclaimer - This book is not meant as MF Advise or Financial Advice. It only gives the information about the Mutual Fund as per publicly available information and Yadnya's analysis & review based on that information. Please remember, Mutual Funds are subject to Market risk. Read the offer document before investing.

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