Sundaram Diversified Equity Fund - ELSS
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Sundaram Diversified Equity Fund - ELSS
Sundaram Diversified Equity Fund - ELSS
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ELSS (Tax Saver) Category-Sundaram Diversified Equity Fund
Detailed Analysis & Review based on July 31st, 2019 data. Most Comprehensive and detailed review based on Yadnya's proprietary methodology of Green, Yellow & Red Star.

 No. of Pages - 12

 Content Index

 Review is done on following parameters-

  1. Market Cap Allocation - Last 10 years Trend
  2. Fund House & Fund Start Date
  3. Asset Under Management -  Last 10 years Trend
  4. Fund Returns-Trailing, Calendar, Rolling & SIP
  5. Fund Manager
  6. Sector Allocation -  Last 10 years Trend
  7. Stock Allocation -  Last 10 years Trend
  8. Portfolio Turnover Ratio -  Last 10 years Trend
  9. Expense Ratio -  Last 5 years Trend
  10. Risk Ratios-Alpha, Beta, Standard Deviation, PE Ratio -  Last 5 years Trend

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Disclaimer - This book is not meant as MF Advise or Financial Advice. It only gives the information about the Mutual Fund as per publicly available information and Yadnya's analysis & review based on that information. Please remember, Mutual Funds are subject to Market risk. Read the offer document before investing.