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Set Off & Carry Forward of Losses - Income Tax Book | Investyadnya eBook
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This e-book offers information as to how set off & carry forward capital losses incurred during the year. It offers information on the concept of capital losses & its adjustments. ✔ Detailed Research ✔ Quality Reports

Set Off & Carry Forward of Losses - Income Tax Book by Yadnya

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Description -

While calculating Total income for the year, losses are also considered and adjusted against the income received during the year. Losses are nothing but the negative income.
In this book, we will discuss the concept of capital losses, understand the adjustment of current year losses and Adjustment of Brought Forward Losses. All the numbers & rules are based on 2018-19 and 2019-20 Financial Year taxation.

 Pages - 27

 Here is the Table of Content - 

  1. Introduction
  2. Loss Under Different Heads of Income
    1. Loss under the Head Income from House Property
    2. Business Loss
    3. Capital Loss
  3. Set Off of Losses
    1. Set off of Losses
    2. Inter-source adjustment of Capital Losses
    3. Inter-Head Adjustment of Capital Losses
  4. Carry Forward of Capital Losses
    1. Method of Adjusting Losses
    2. Other Important Points
    3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  5. Income Tax Aspect and Disclosure in Income Tax Return
    1. In time Filing of Return is required
    2. Losses of Earlier Years can be carried forward
    3. Disclosure in Income Tax Return
  6. Set Off and Carry Forward of Losses other than Capital Loss
    1. Inter-source Adjustments of Losses other than Capital Losses
    2. Inter-Head adjustments of Losses other than Capital Losses 
    3. Set off of losses in Subsequent Years


Disclaimer - The information provided in this book is basically to help educate and guide on the subject matters discussed. All recommendations and examples are purely on the assumption basis. The author disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information. Readers are suggested to consult their Tax/Financial Advisors before taking any Tax decision.

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