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NIFTY 50 Value 20 (NV20) - Index Fund & ETF Reviews | Investyadnya eBook
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This e-book offers a detailed report on the Index funds & ETF reviews. It offers a detailed review analysis of Nifty index funds. ✔ Latest Research Reports ✔ Detailed Index Fund Analysis

NIFTY 50 Value 20 (NV20) - Index Fund & ETF Reviews

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Index/ETF Category - NIFTY 50 Value 20 (NV20)

Detailed Analysis & Review based on Dec 31st, 2020 data. Most Comprehensive, unique, and detailed ETF/Index reviews based on Yadnya's proprietary methodology of Green, Yellow & Red Star.

No. of Pages - 14

Content Index



  1. Methodology

    1. Index Construction Methodology

    2. Current Complete Portfolio & Weightages (as on 31st Dec, 2020)

  2. NV20, Nifty Value 20 Returns & Comparison with Nifty 50 & Large Cap Category Average (Last 10 years)

    1. Calendar Returns

    2. Trailing Returns

    3. Rolling Returns

  3. Stock Diversification of Nifty 50 Value 20

    1. The Trend of Top 20 stocks (Last 4 years trend)

    2. Liquidity of Underlying stocks

  4. Nifty NV 20: Sector Allocation (Last 5 years trend)

  5. Risk Measures (Last 5 years trend)


  1. NV20 Index Fund: LIST OF ETF's AND INDEX FUND's which follow NIFTY 50 Value 20 Index

    1. ICICI Prudential NV20 ETF

    2. KOTAK NV 20 ETF

    3. Reliance ETF NV20

  2. Expense Ratio

  3. Tracking Error & Cash Allocation



Our website offers numerous resources on NIFTY 50 Value 20. Further, you can find the Balance Sheet & Ratios of the company on the stock-o-meter feature of our website. 

Thus, this NIFTY 50 Value 20 book will offer you ebook industry analysis of both the Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis of the Company. Through this NIFTY 50 Value 20 stock review book, you will get a fair insight into its NIFTY 50 Value 20 stocks, NIFTY 50 Value 20 index, NIFTY Value 20 etf, NV20 etf,  NIFTY 20 etf, NIFTY 50 Value and how to buy NIFTY 50 etf other financials, ratios & management. Therefore, you can make a viable investment decision after a proper study from this NIFTY 50 Value 20 Review book. Get the best fundamental analysis ebook in India only at Invest Yadnya!


Disclaimer - This book is not meant as MF Advise or Financial Advice. It only gives the information about the Mutual Fund as per publicly available information and Yadnya's analysis & review based on that information. Please remember, Mutual Funds are subject to Market risk. Read the offer document before investing.

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