Mutual Fund Report - Aug 2019
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Mutual Fund Report - Aug 2019
Mutual Fund Report - Aug 2019
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This Mutual Fund report gives a complete overview of Mutual Fund industry from majorly Equity Perspective. All the data is based on 31st July 2019. Following Table of content will give you the complete overview.

 No. of Pages - 26

 Content Index

Review is done on following parameters -

  1. Mutual Fund Industry Overview - Growth and Components
  2. Key MF Industry Highlights
  3. Geographical Allocation of AUM
  4. Fund House Rankings
  5. Top 10 MF House Key Updates - Major Stock buys and sell
  6. MF Industry Sectorial Composition
  7. 10 Most Favourite Stocks of Mutual Funds
  8. Most Favourite Stocks of Mutual Funds in Top 5 Sectors
  9. Top 10 Stocks Bought & Sold - Large, Mid & Small
  10. 5 Stocks Most Bought & Sold in terms of number of schemes
  11. Major changes in % MF Holdings of Top 5 Companies - Sector wise
  12. FII & DII Shareholding Pattern Comparison - Major Changes
  13. Category Wise Returns of various MF categories



Disclaimer - This book is not meant as MF Advise or Financial Advice. It only gives the information about the Mutual Fund as per publicly available information and Yadnya's analysis & review based of that information. Please remember, Mutual Funds are subject to Market risk. Read the offer document before investing.