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Mutual Fund Industry Growth: Decade Report | Investyadnya eBook
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This e-book offers deep insights into the Mutual Fund Industry. It analyses the Mutual Fund Industry growth for the last 10 years, based on various parameters. ✔ Indian Stock Market Analysis ✔ Quality Reports

Mutual Fund Industry - Decade of Growth 2010-2020 Report

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MF industry has grown by 16.4% CAGR AUM in the last 10 years. This mutual funds pdf book from MF Yadna gives the performance of the Mutual Fund industry profile in the last decade – 2010 to 2020. Find an in-depth analysis of best performers mutual fund return history and mutual fund’s favourite stocks in the last 10 years in this best book on mutual funds. This mutual fund report will help you gain knowledge about the mutual fund portfolio tracker and mutual fund performance chart and help you understand your Mutual fund profit through mutual fund return comparison.

Total Pages – 36

Content Index -

  a. Key Highlights of the Industry 2010-20

  b. Fund House Rankings changes in the decade

  c. Top 10 Fund houses in 2010 and their current position

  d. Geographical Allocation of AUM

  e. Top 10 AUM Funds (Equity, Debt & Hybrid) in 2020

  f. Top 10 Mutual Fund Industry Growth  Performers in last decade – Equity Category Wise

  g. Top 10 Wealth Creators in last decade - Equity Category Wise

  h. Top 10 Consistent Performers in last decade - Equity Category Wise

  i. Fund managers managing maximum AUM

  j. 10 Most Favourite Large, Mid and Small Cap Stocks of Mutual Funds

  k. Most Favourite Stocks in Top 10 Sectors in last 10 years

  l. Change in sector allocation in the decade

  m. 10 Stocks Most Bought & Sold in the decade

  n. Change in Credit Ratings & Asset allocation of Debt Funds

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Disclaimer - This book is not meant as Stock Advice or Financial Advice. It only gives Mutual fund recommendations or information about the stock or the company as per publicly available information and Yadnya's analysis of that information.

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