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Indian Banking Sector Report
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Indian Banking Sector Report

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  • Overview

  • Banking Deposit Growth Trend

  • Future Investments and Developments in the Banking Sector

  • Banking Credit and Deposits Growth Trend         

  • Positive Feedback Loop in Banking Sector

  • Indian Banking Sector

  • Timeline of Events in the Banking Sector
  • Structure of the Indian Banking Sector
  • Market Share within Banking Sector

  • Factors Favouring Credit Growth              
  • BRICS Nation Credit to GDP Ratio
  • BFSI Sector Contribution to Nifty Index
  • Bank Credit to Private Non-Financial Sector

  • Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) Crisis Explained
  • Il&FS Data Points

  • Covid-19 Effect on the Banking and Financial Sector

  • RBI Moratorium
  • Examples of Moratorium Across the World
  • Effect of the Moratorium on the Indian Banking Sector
  • Three Major effects of the moratorium on Indian Banks

  • Latest Banking Updates
  • Rise In Interest Rates
  • Rate Hike Summary of RBI
  • The situation of Interest Rates Across the World
  • Broad Reasons for the Rate hike
  • Some Key Inflation Numbers
  • Foreign Exchange and Conversion Data
  • Future outlook and the Commentary by RBI
  • Bank Deposits and Credit Growth

  • Key Data Points of the Indian Banking Sector:
  • Private Banks:

  • Private Banks- Asset Quality
  • Private Banks- Balance Sheet Ratios
  • Private Banks- Profit & Loss Ratios

  • Small Finance Banks:
  • Small Finance Banks- Asset Quality
  • Small Finance Banks- Balance Sheet Ratios
  • Small Finance Banks-Profit & Loss Ratios

  • Public Sector Banks:
  • Public Sector Banks- Asset Quality
  • Public Sector Banks- Balance Sheet Ratios
  • Public Sector Banks-Profit & Loss Ratios
  • Housing Finance Companies:
  • Housing Finance Companies- Asset Quality Ratios
  • Housing Finance Companies-Balance Sheet Ratios
  • Housing Finance Companies-Profit & Loss Ratios

  • NBFC Sector:
  • NBFC Sector- Asset Quality Ratios
  • NBFC Sector- Balance Sheet Ratios
  • NBFC Sector- Profit & Loss Ratios

  • Annexures:         
  • Private Sector Banks
  • Public Sector Banks
  • NBFC Sector Data
  • Housing Finance Companies

  • Disclaimer

  • About Us

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