How much Life Insurance Cover is enough
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How much Life Insurance Cover is enough
How much Life Insurance Cover is enough
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Many a times, we do not know how much Insurance cover is enough for us. Inspired by marketing tricks, we wither buy too much insurance or too less. It is very important that we know how much Life Insurance cover do we need? Do we really need Insurance cover? How to calculate the Insurance cover for myself? - All these questions are answered in this ebook along with understanding of various methods of calculating Life Insurance cover.

Pages- 21

 Table of Content-

1. What Is Insurance?

2. What Is Life Insurance

3. How Much Life Insurance Cover Is Enough?

4. Methods of Computation of Life Insurance Cover

  1. Thumb Rule Method
    • Example (Thumb Rule Method)
  2. Need Based Analysis Method
    • Example (Need Based Analysis Method)
  3. Income Replacement Method
    • Example (Income Replacement Method)      
  4. Human Life Value Method
    • Example (Human Life Value Method)      

5. Summary


Disclaimer - The information provided in this book is basically to help educate and guide on the subject matters discussed. All recommendations and examples are purely on the assumption basis. The author disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information. Readers are suggested to consult their Financial Advisors