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75 Questions & Answers on Debt Funds & Bond Market

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Most of the investors invest in the Debt market to earn predictable returns with minimum risk. But do you know many experts say the Debt/Bond market is more complicated than even Equity markets. It is important you know about these complications before you invest in the debt market, especially considering so many investment options in the Debt market and recent debt crises like IL&FS default, Franklin closing debt schemes and AT1 bond issue. Currently, there are about 20 different debt mutual fund categories to invest with more than 1000 schemes to choose from. Apart from them, we have options to invest directly in bonds, debentures and Fixed Deposits. This book covers the complete concepts & nuances of India’s Debt market with focus on Debt Mutual Funds.

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Content Index  

SECTION I Introduction to Mutual Funds

1.What is a Mutual fund?

2.Structure of Mutual Funds?

3.Advantages and Disadvantages of investing in Mutual Funds?

4.What are the types of Mutual Funds?

5.What are the growth, dividend, and dividend reinvestment options to invest in Debt MF?

6.What is AUM? Does the AUM of a Mutual Fund matter to me?

7.What is a NAV? How is it calculated?

8.How does a Mutual fund work? Are they Safe? Do they Guarantee returns?

9.What is NFO? Should I invest in one?

10.Difference between Open-ended and Close ended Funds

SECTION II Bond (Fixed Income) Concepts

11.What is a Bond?

12. Debt fund vs bonds:.Bonds vs Debentures?

13.How Bond Market works?

14.What is the Money Market and what are the major Money Market instruments in India?

15.Type of Bonds issued by the Government?

16.What is Corporate debt & Type of Corporate Debt?

17.What is Commercial Paper (CP)?

18.What is a Certificate of Deposit?

19.What is the Treasury Bill?

20.What are NCDs?

SECTION III – Debt Mutual Funds

21. Debt fund meaning: What is a Debt mutual fund?

22.What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in debt mutual funds along with debt fund returns ?

23.How safe are debt mutual funds? What are the risks associated with it?

24 Debt mutual fund vs bonds: .How is a Debt fund different from a bank FD?

25. Debt funds government bonds : Why not directly invest in debt instruments rather than investing in debt mutual funds?

26.Who can invest in debt mutual funds?

27. Debt fund taxation : How are debt mutual funds taxed?

28. Debt fund types : What are Expense Ratios of Debt Mutual Funds?

SECTION IV Types of Debt Mutual Funds

29.What are the types of debt mutual funds?

30.What are Overnight Funds?

31.What are Liquid Funds? What are the advantages of investing in Liquid Funds?

32.Liquid fund Vs Savings Bank account

33.Liquid fund Vs Arbitrage Fund

34.What are Ultra-Short duration funds?

35.What are Low Duration funds? Who should invest in them?

36.What are Money Market funds?

37.What are Short Duration funds?

38.Difference between Ultrashort duration, Low duration and Short duration?

39.What are Medium Duration Funds?

40.What are Medium to Long duration funds?

41.What are Long Duration funds?

42.What are Banking and PSU funds?

43.What are Corporate Bond Funds?

44.What are Credit Risk funds?

45.What are Gilt funds?

46.What are Gilt funds with 10 year maturity?

47.Are Gilt funds safer than other debt funds?

48.What are dynamic bond funds?

49.What are Floater Funds?

50.What are Capital Protection funds?

51.How are capital protection funds different from conservative hybrid funds?

52.What are Fixed Maturity Plans or FMPs?

53.Are FMPs same as Bank Fixed Deposit Scheme?

54.What are Debt ETFs? How does it work?

SECTION V Working of Debt Funds

55.How do debt funds work?

56.What parameters should be considered while investing in debt mutual funds?

57.What is Average Maturity?

58.What is Modified Duration?

59.What is Yield to Maturity (YTM)?

60.How to read the credit ratings in the fund portfolio?

61.What is a Structured Obligation - (SO) Rating?

62.What is Fund Riskometer and how to read it?

63.How does a crisis like IL&FS and DHFL affect the returns?

64.What are Segregated Portfolios (Side Pocketing)? Provisioning in case of debt defaults.

65.How segregation (Side Pocketing) works in Debt Funds?

66.Taxation of segregated portfolio

67.Franklin winded up 6 Debt funds. Why?

68.Details about recent AT1 Bond (Perpetual Bond) issue?

SECTION VI Investment Processes in Debt Mutual Funds

69.SIPs vs STPs vs SWPs vs MIPs

70.How does the calculation of Tax works in STP and SWP?

71.How to select a suitable Debt Mutual Fund scheme?

72.How do I start investing in debt mutual funds?

73.From where do I purchase debt mutual fund?

74.How do I review my mutual fund?

75.What strategy should I use to invest in debt mutual funds?

Bonus - Where can I get more information on mutual funds?

Disclaimer - This book is not meant as Mutual Fund Advise or Financial Advice. It only gives the information about the debt instruments as per publicly available information and Yadnya's analysis of that information.  

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